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We believe nature knows how to fight bugs and can be used to protect us.


Rooted in Nature

At STEM, we believe that humans would be better off letting Mother Nature teach us a thing or two, because if we look closely, we’re clued into the subtle ways she equips the world with natural defenses. Like the citronella plant, filled with ant repelling geraniol or the marvel of the plant world, the Venus flytrap.

You will find botanical extracts like geraniol and lemongrass housed in a variety of our bug killers and mosquito repellents. Specifically, our Ant Roach Fly Killer, Ant Roach Spider Killer, Fly Mosquito Gnat Killer, Wasp Hornet Yellow Jacket Killer, Fruit Fly Trap, Plant Spray, and Mosquito Spritz and Wipes. These products also include some non plant based ingredients.

fly caught on a carnivorous plant

Optimized by Science

We worked with a team of entomologists to decode nature’s most ingenious defenses and optimize each of our bug fighting formulas and devices.

The blue glow of our light trap is soft like moonlight and attracts flying insects, and our bottles and sprays are selected to target specific bug types.

Product of the Year 2022 and 2024

Don’t just take our word for it! STEM’s bug killers and mosquito repellents formulated with botanical extracts were recognized in 2022 by ‘Product of the Year’– the world’s largest consumer-voted award for product innovation.

In 2024, STEM was recognized again! This time, for the STEM Flying Insect Light Trap device.

Voted for by over 40,000 shoppers, this seal of approval is our reward for leading the way in pest control.